Quirky yet forgettable robots 
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Toca Boca has been a moniker for quality apps with instantly recognizable style. Robot Lab has all that, yet it takes the virtues of simplicity perhaps a step too far.

The kids can build robots out of parts and take them for a ride at the laboratory. The building is done with the clever and elegant accessibility that Toca Boca excels at. Flying around in the laboratory and collecting stars presents a physics puzzle that is simple and well executed, but that’s all there is to the app.

Frida Says: When I build a robot, the most important thing is that the robot has a beautiful head!girl_face

Eliot Says: This is cool! I like the new items and new robots. The best thing is building them. boy_face

PROFESSOR Says: From a parents perspective, the app seems a bit too trivial. I wonder how many times we’ll play it again. I wish there would be a gallery for all the robots, or something else that gives a little bit more meaning to creating them. Let’s wait in the hope that Toca Boca adds more to do.professor_face

Verdict: WAIT – and see what updates bring

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