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Toca Nature is somewhat of a departure to the app maker’s highly distinguished brand of kid-friendly fun. It opens up three-dimensional cute worlds which your children can lovingly craft. The recognisable elements are still there: elegant design, interesting characters, and originality.

Nature as reimagined by Toca begins with your kid shaping the world by adding mountains, trees or ponds. Each type brings along its own set of animals who bring the creation into life. One can help the animals by planting food – or one can just stay and just marvel how everything unfolds in this small, lifelike world.

Frida Says: I like building the forests!girl_face

Eliot Says:Brilliant! It’s just so well done, I like you can put trees everywhere, it’s just so cool. Five out of five! boy_face

PROFESSOR Says:Toca Nature is a virtual miniature world which provides your children as much fun as their imagination allows them to. It’s not quite as accessible and immediate as Toca’s other apps but a welcome step to a fascinating direction, and something that offers more lasting playtime for a slightly older audience as well.professor_face

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