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Sago Mini Road Trip is literally what the title says: your animal superstars of the app stores pack their bags and hit the road for wild rides that take them to visit their friends. Driving around presents a mix of magic carpet and rollercoaster rides, and it’s fast and easy fun all the way. The eclectic selection of vehicles gives plenty of replay value.

On the road, you come across all kinds of things from giant muffins to balloons, which provide random distractions to the already hectic trips. As does a visit to the gas station, which seldom has been quite so engaging as in Sago Mini Road Trip. A successful trip ends with a sweet polaroid of the two friends reunion.

Eliot Says:I like choosing the cars and I like the flyyyyyying. And I like when you arrive because you can see pictures of the cat and his friends. And I like all the stuff at the garage. And I like the annoyed face cat makes when you throw the car around. I like everything!boy_face

Frida Says:Eliot says he likes everything? Yes I agree! EVERYTHING is super fun! girl_face

PROFESSOR Says:Sago has refined the concept around the lovely characters with each app, and looking at our reviewers’ comments, Road Trip looks like the best yet. The instant accessibility and attention to detail with nice, quirky touches, is something that any parent can share with their children without worries. professor_face

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