Heroic action for hours on end
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Fireman Sam: Fire & Rescue

Fireman Sam: Fire & Rescue is the second game with the popular character. It continues with the same formula of several small games in one package. This time Sam is rescuing people with helicopters, fire engines, and quad bikes.

The games are not quite as accessible from the get-go as with the best apps out there. That said, there is no weak link either: all the games provide slightly different kind of fun. There is something for everyone, and the variety also gives the app long legs.

Frida Says:All the games are fun, but rescuing people from burning houses is the best!girl_face

Eliot Says:I like the way he goes around and all the fun stuff you can do. The most fun is putting out fires. The videos are cool too. I’ll play this quite lot.boy_face

PROFESSOR Says:With some of the games, I needed to help my daughter a bit to get the idea. After that, the heroic action just works. There’s lot to play here, even higher difficulty levels once the kids think they have it all figured out, and the game is also localized for many major languages.professor_face

Verdict BUY this now 

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