Dora’s world of learning 
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Dora’s Big World! HD

Dora’s app comes with five different exotic locations, each giving the kids a different game. Each game has a specific learning angle, ranging from matching letter to physics puzzles.

The games are well executed for the touch screen. There are colourful characters and nice, toy-like bonus games as a reward for completing the learning task. The kids also get stars as rewards that they can use to buy stickers which are used to decorate the locations. However, the final location is locked behind an in-app purchase.

Frida Says: I like finding the fireflies with the matching letters best!girl_face

Eliot Says: This is really, really fun! There are loads of worlds where you can learn stuff and I really like how Dora speaks to you all the time. I will play this one everyday if I can. boy_face

PROFESSOR Says: It’s fine but somewhat bland. The specific learning angle also makes the fun quite particular to your kids’ progress in knowing letters and numbers – older kids won’t stick around for long. Locking one world behind a purchase is not the most elegant of decisions. Overall, it’s a sympathetic app with good intentions.professor_face

Verdict: BUY this now 

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