Festive fun: 5 apps your kids will love this Christmas


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With well over a million apps available in both in Google Play and the Apple App Store, it can be a little overwhelming to pick those perfect Christmas apps for your kids. Happily, help is at hand because, here at KidGamer, we’ve done the work for you. After much careful and fun-filled game playing, we’ve chosen our fab five. So, fire your tablets up and ready yours children for a ton of festive fun.

Dinosaur Mix

Creating and playing with Dinosaurs has seldom been distilled to its essence so well, up to a point that my 2-year old son has created and re-created tens and tens of mixes between Triceratopses and Tyrannosauruses, and many more. Although this one is specifically for the toddlers in the family, it can also be a hit with older brothers and sisters too. Eliot, our five year old reviewer, said “It’s loads of fun making fun mixed up dinosaurs and then exploring.” Double win!

Toca Tailor

When speaking about apps that are able to unleash your kids’ creativity, Toca Tailor has just the right mix of constraints and possibilities. Frida, one of our young reviewers here at Kidgamer, has produced countless designs and rarely have they looked the same. The photo feature has provided an additional dimension of unexpected creations in my phone’s camera roll through the last year. There’s also a sister app with a fairy tale setting for your kid’s designs. Colourful and cool!

Little Fox Music Box

There are many song and karaoke apps out there, but despite being one of the first, the Little Fox is showing how getting the basics right takes you far: lovely art style, funny animations, christmassy selection of songs, and a bunch of updates including a Karaoke mode have made it sure that we have never regretted making this purchase already few years ago on our first tablet.

Sago Mini Space Explorer

As the title says, this one is about the joys of exploration, in space! While we celebrated the excellence of Sago Mini Road Trip in our recent review, it’s success has been a result of continuous improvement: Space Explorer has been around for a while already. Sago’s app is a digital toy at its heart, giving both toddlers and slightly older kids buckets of fun. It’s a treat of simple but surprising interactions with the different characters our heroic doggie comes across the wonderful universe.

Toca Hair Salon

Toca Boca is a developer with such a brilliant track record that we make the exception of including another of their creations. Good fun is and should be about laughs, and even better, laughing at yourself! In Toca Hair Salon the kids get to groom a selection of funny characters, and there is a nice Christmas edition out now. Besides a sequel which is just as fun, there is Hair Salon Me, which gives your kids a chance to style you up. Priceless!

Our top team of pint-sized reviewers have been loving every single one of these apps and we hope your little gamers do too. And remember, if you want to find out what’s hot and what’s not in 2015, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to our weekly updates. In the meantime, have a marvellous game packed holiday!

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